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Ping Ball

2009-01-05 08:31:20 by ZeroNow

So me and Rich (Skideh) have released our game Ping Ball today! I hope everyone enjoys it. We spent a long time working on this, and then a long time sorting out sponsorship, all while working on our final year at university. It has been great working with Rich. Our ideas on game design work and flow together really well, and our work assignment is brilliant. I can't wait to start our next project together!

Ping ball is about a character who ventures on a trip around the world competing in the ping ball championships. Events are held in different countries, space, and even in the centre of the earth! The task is simple: collect enough points to progress. The method is complex: drop the ball into the highest scoring bucket, navigating an array of pegs and traps.

I undertook the Art side of the game, and some of the voices and level design. It really spurred me to work with flash more, and so I am making more things in this awesome technology.

Play ping ball here

P.S. Don't forget to post your high score!

Ping Ball